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50 Years of Christmas Presents!

Do you remember your favourite Christmas toy as a child? If you loved Nerfball, Tracy Island, Rubix cubes, Care Bears or the Ghostbusters Proton Pack you are not alone – have put together a list of the most popular Christmas presents from 1980 – 2019 and it’s interesting reading.

Their research also looks into how the cost of presents has changed over time, with parents having to spend eight times as much to get 2019’s must-have presents as they were in 1970!

Out of all the 49 years analysed, 1987 came out as the cheapest, with the top 5 presents costing just £35.48 (£97.70 in today’s money). At the other end of the scale, parents would have to spend a whopping £1,465.98 to get 2019’s most popular gifts

If you want retro gift inspiration or wonder if your favourite present is on the list take a look for yourself here

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