‘A British War Dance’ Book Review

‘A British War Dance’ – a first book by Lee Willmore – published by Austin Macauley, came out at the same time as the centenary memorial events of WWI.  The timing was apt (even if ‘A British War Dance’ is set in WW2) and the story shows great promise.

The plot revolves around a young man called James Ashfield and the majority of the story is set in Birmingham.  James is sent home from war after a brutal and haunting experience makes him unfit for duty and he must carve out a new life for himself.  The life he chooses is dramatically different from his days of fighting – he chases and attains a promising life in the field of dance rather than the muddy fields of war.

The story reads as if the characters are in a dream or bubble outside of reality, it is a new way of writing and is a book for those who want select escapism.  To fall in love with this book could gain it a cult status.  I see real potential in the story and character development with the whimsical storyline appealing to any die-hard romantics out there.



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