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Police Women’s Choir ‘Sirenen” at All Saints Maidstone

See Police Women’s Choir ‘Sirenen” at All Saints Maidstone on the 29th May for free.

‘Sirenen’ was formed in September 2001 by 17 enthusiastic female police officers who shared their love and joy for singing and music. Over the years our choir has

grown to 25 members, all somehow related to the police force of Den Haag in the Netherlands.

From the beginning on, Astrid de Koning has been our musical director. She also accompanies the choir on piano.

Over the past years we have done many concerts, mostly for charity and/or in elderly people’s homes and on choir festivals.

But we also went ‘on tour’ to Barcelona for our 10th anniversary, gave a concert in the church of Montserrat, which was a very special and emotional experience and performed with the choir of Pineda de Mar in their local church.

In 2011 we also gave a jubilee concert in the theatre of Rijswijk, together with the Royal Police Band of Den Haag. The theme of the concert was ‘musical’ and we performed music from e.g. Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera, Joseph, The Lion King.

In 2013 the Royal Police Band invited us for a joint concert to celebrate their 110th anniversary.

And now this trip to Kent, by the end of May 2015, where we will perform in a concert with the Kent Police Band and give a concert in the All Saints Parish Church in Maidstone.

We are really looking forward to the tour and the concerts !

Our main goal is to share our enthusiasm for singing and music and by doing so entertaining the people who attend our concerts.

As you can see entry is FREE. More information can be obtained from the website at

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