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Pumpkin Painting Toddlers!

Pumpkin season is upon us and along with the fun of pumpkin picking comes the decorating.  For those with toddlers too young to be trusted with knives to carve out their creations, the perfect solution is pumpkin painting!

The ‘Jack Be Little’ pumpkin is just the correct size for toddlers that want to get their hands on a pumpkin and create their own masterpiece.  Small enough to fit in the palm of an adult’s hand, the pumpkins are also the cheapest variety to buy.  My daughter and I picked some at ‘Pumpkin Moon’ last weekend and she ended up with three Jack Be Little pumpkins which she adores.

With poster paints, paintbrushes and an apron at the ready, she merrily painted these pumpkins for at least an hour.  With such small pumpkins you may doubt her attention was held for so long but the joy of using poster paints is that they wash off a pumpkin very easily! So, as soon as she had finished one ‘artwork’ she would ask for me to wash it so she could start all over again – simple yet amazingly effective!

The result was ‘Jack Be Little’ pumpkins that look like a paint crash but she felt part of the pumpkin decorating process and had a lot of fun!

Why not try this with your toddlers this week?  Happy Halloween pumpkin painting…