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5 Best places to Spot Autumn Colours in Maidstone

It’s that fabulously colourful time of year when nature’s paintbrush is daubing our countryside with magnificent shades of rust gold, magenta, sunshine yellow and chestnut brown hues all over the landscape and if like me you love taking a stroll through the autumn colours or want to find a breathtaking autumnal view then Maidstone has a lot to offer.

Being in a hilly area affords some amazing views and here are our top 5 places to experience the colours of autumn in the Maidstone area…

  1. Mote Park.  This cracker of a park is just right for autumn walks – with children, dogs or simply for a romantic stroll. There are wonderful nooks and crannies to discover including rivers and lakes and the avenue of trees lining the approach to the park in Autumn is one of the most recognisable and beautiful photographs of Maidstone on the internet.
  2. Leeds Castle.  For once this beautiful stretch of countryside is featured in our list without even thinking of the castle! Taking a stroll around Leeds Castle in the autumn is simply breathtaking.  With such a huge variety of trees the colours are immense and the well laid out pathways and open spaces give you ample chance to take in the views whilst being surrounded by falling leaves at the same time.  A truly majestic place to run through the leaves and reconnect with your childhood.
  3. White Horse Country Park.  Quite simply this park has some of the best views in Kent and there is nothing like a long reaching view in the Autumn time to appreciate the stunning colours of the country.  A perfect place for to take a flask of hot chocolate, snuggle on a bench with a view and take in the sights.
  4. Autumn drive time – North Pole Road.  Maidstone town centre maybe built up but a 5 minute drive from the hazardous one way system allows you wonderful views over the surrounding countryside.  The woodlands of North Pole Road, and breaks in the landscape to appreciate the views, makes for one of the most pleasant drives in the area this autumn.
  5. Kent Messenger Millennium Bridge, Whatman Park.   This is a fabulous place to appreciate nature’s autumn.  Looking down the Medway river either towards the town centre or towards Aylesford affords you a birds eye view of the tree lined river – and the Autumn colours that go with it.  This may not be somewhere to have a picnic, but the perfect place to linger on a lunch break or take 5 minutes to watch the boats on the river and the changing season unfold in front of you.
Mote Park – Mote Park Copyright.
Kent Messenger Millennium Bridge, Whatman Park.
White Horse Country Park (Kent County Parks copyright)
Leeds Castle in Autumn. Will Porter Photography copyright.