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Maidstone Carnival Parade is shaping up nicely!

On Saturday the latest costume workshop took place at the old Hubby and Freeman site at the bottom of Gabriel’s Hill to support those making costumes for the Maidstone Carnival Parade due to take place on 5th July. ¬†Organisers Sue Pritchard, Diane Sergeant were there to give inspiration and free re-cycled materials to those taking part.

The Parade is being organised and supported by the Maidstone Area Arts Partnership (MAAP) and the Maidstone Town Team and so far they have over 20 groups taking part in the procession ranging from a groups of just two people through to 200! It is  fantastic initiative to take part in and local organisations should take the opportunity to take part Рeach group will be given up to £20 to help with materials onto of the recycled materials donated to the workshops.

The next costume workshops are on 17th May and 14th June and the theme is ‘Maidstone’ – there are already ‘revolting peasants’ planned and some ambitious swan costumes being made by a 200 strong group from a local primary school. The planning team are now mapping out where each team will be within the parade to vary the colour, group size and entertainment they are offering and it sounds like Maidstone is in for a treat!

If your organisation was to take part in the parade, or donate materials, get in touch with the Maidstone Town Team at


Costumes get underway!

The start of an 'Ice' costume