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One Maidstone Helping to Keep Maidstone Centre safe.

In light of a Council decision to move to a record-only system for its CCTV network, not for profit BID organisation One Maidstone approached Maidstone Borough Council with the offer of delivering a 24-hour monitoring service for the town centre, committing to fund operatives itself at no cost to MBC.

This proposal was accepted, and a trial period began between the two parties at the beginning of June 2020. One Maidstone used this time to identify the best working practices required to provide 24/7 coverage, and to decide where it could place further investment to ensure the best possible service.

One Maidstone will now continue to provide trained CCTV monitoring operatives to compliment the town centre Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) radio system it already manages. Reports and requests for assistance can be received by One Maidstone via its radio network, supported by viewing any active incidents via the CCTV system. One Maidstone Ambassadors can be deployed to the scene if appropriate, and / or the Police notified. The CCTV will ensure that pictures and intelligence are available as events unfold, rather than to watch back retrospectively.

The One Maidstone BID has also recently scrapped ongoing membership charges for its BCRP radios for BID levy paying businesses, in a move to help reduce costs for businesses as they struggle in the wake of Covid-19.

Photo Credit: One Maidstone.