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Pumpkin Fun!

After visiting Pumpkin Moon and bringing away an array of pumpkins in all shapes and sizes the Halloween fun truly started – painting and carving the pumpkins!

After taking advise from Kate, who was carving pumpkins onsite at Pumpkin Moon, I bought some clay sculpting tools (£13 online) to make pumpkin carving that little bit more intricate then a good old fashioned kitchen knife can muster and set to work.

My skills are limited but my 6 years old showed me how to do it! Between us we carved intricate designs in our largest pumpkin and a truly scary carved face from the imagination inside the head of my 6 year old.

With carving underway other pumpkins were heading for the paint station – my 3 year old is too young for carving so painting was a great alternative and using poster paints meant she could wash the pumpkin, dry it and then paint it over and over again.

We are happy with the results – a nature inspired orange pumpkin, Quentin Blake inspired white pumpkin face and a painted snake (squash) slithering over our own pumpkin patch…

The jack-o-lantern pumpkin is great, but having such creative fun gave us more possibilities for pumpkin creation this year – thanks Pumpkin Moon!