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Review: Bill’s Restaurant- Fresh, Filling and Flavoursome…

Veganuary is back at Bill’s Restaurant chain this year and I went along to Sevenoaks restaurant see if the menu is as good as it looks…

I can’t keep you on tenterhooks, my review is oozing support for this menu and the restaurant in general. I am not vegan and am not embracing ‘dry January’ so the odds were stacked against me liking this particular menu but I was pleasantly and happily surprised.

The food was fresh, filling and flavoursome and the drinks menu for ‘low and no’ alcohol was brilliant – so refreshing to have truly new and tasty non alcoholic and low alcohol (beer and gin) drinks. Cold press juices and fresh cocktails featured and I was inspired by the choice. No ‘designated driver’ will suffer FOMO here.

The atmosphere was relaxed and informal and the surroundings stylish. The industrial meets Avant-Garde design means there is always a talking point about the décor and the walls were full, meaning the acoustics worked perfectly. No need to shout across the table to be heard like in some ‘minimalist’ designed restaurants.

I had to inform the team that I am allergic (not intolerant) to mushrooms and that my guest was allergic to brazil nuts. For a vegan menu this could be challenging and for some restaurants this would be a ‘dead faint’ moment but at Bill’s there was not even a flicker of worry.

I was informed that staff are trained fully on allergy awareness, shadowing long serving staff members and understanding that allergies can be catered for. I never got the feeling that my allergy put me on the restaurant staff’s ‘annoying list’ or that the team were worried about getting the food right. I could relax which is a novel situation for me in a restaurant.

Even though mushroom featured on the menu, I had a lot of choice and selected sweet potato and ginger soup to start (delicious), the Jackfruit Salad Bowl for main (warm, filling and with quite a kick) and frozen amaretto parfait for dessert (insanely tasty and a very large portion).

I came away feeling I had enjoyed the best meal I had eaten out in a long time. Totally original, I tried food I had never tasted before and felt full to brimming.

I recommend trying the Veganuary menu wholeheartedly. 10/10 for Bill’s Restaurant. Hooray for the whole team – with special mention to Manager Dobrin (who is a celebrity in his own right in Bulgaria having won 4th place on Masterchef) and chef on the night Ruben.

Prices for starter range from £4.49 – £6.25, for mains £11.25 – £12.95 and for dessert £4.95 – £6.50. For the full menu click here to see Bill’s Restaurant website. Maidstone branch is at 51 Week Street. Tel: 01622 763 369 e-mail: [email protected]